Taking Care of Your Tactical Pants

When you get yourself a good pair of tactical pants you know that you’re in deep for a long relationship. Or is it not? Your tactical pants are supposed to be long lasting and comfortable.

Despite your efforts, sometimes they simply…start to fade away. You tried to avoid washing them too often but it’s almost impossible to do that when you’re out on a rainy day or in a hot summer desert mission.

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General tips

Every kind of fabric requires specific care methods, but some are pretty wide general so you can never mistake when you follow these 4 steps:

  1. Turn the pants inside out
  2. Stay always away from bleach or fabric softener
  3. Always use cold water
  4. Hang to dry your pants

Even though the first step might seem less important, most of us skip it as we rush to get it done very fast. You do need to turn them inside out before throwing them in the washing machine.

Some tactical pants are treated with a water resistant finish. When you don’t turn inside out your pants, the fabric protector (Teflon finish) starts to wear out as the other clothes from the washing machine rub against your tactical pants. This is why it’s fundamental to not ever skip this first step.

No matter how bad a stain may look on your pants, try not to ever bleach for removing it. You should never mix bleach with the load either and it’s important to rinse the washing machine after a completed bleached load. You might not see it, but chlorine remains in the washer and affects the next loads and this is how your clothing starts to fade out. Never thought of that, right?

As for the cold water…just take it like this. Cold water helps your tactical pants live longer (or any other clothing). Sure, it’s well known that you don’t get the same sanitization with the cold water so it’s up to you to decide what counts the most.

The harm is done. What to do next?

Let’s say you’ve had your tactical pants for some years now and, despite all your efforts to keep them “alive” forever, you simply couldn’t do it. The water and stain resistance of your tactical pants is all gone but you still want to wear the pants.

Luckily for you, there are solutions to try at home but you need to be patient and start with a good research. This means you need to seek the right waterproofing product for your pants fabric type. There are solutions that are highly recommended as they work well on cotton and polycotton just as well. These solutions give water repellency and increase breathability to your pants also.

One thing that is also important to mention is that these solutions are environmentally friendly and don’t interfere with the looks of your pants.

Keep in mind to apply these solutions on your clean tactical pants. You can do it by hand or using the washing machine, in which case you need to be sure the detergent dispenser is cleaned with the residue removed.

You place one of these solutions in the machine dispenser and use the cotton wash cycle. If you’d rather do a hand wash, simply use the solution during the process.

Some of these solutions don’t require heat activation and you can still tumble the pants dry on a low cycle. Check again the care instructions and hang dry the pants if you want to stay on the safe side.